«Golden Marvel» of Ukraine
We are a Licensed Company, license number AB 585061, ready to provide you with services for recruitment ukrainian crew members to Your vessels,to the highest standards of quality!!!
Our main services:
-Golden Marvel of Ukraine is a maritime agency duly licensed by the Ukrainian Government (No 24117764) primarily to operate as a Crewing / Manning Agency to provide trained and properly STCW 95 qualified seafarers of all ranks for ocean going vessels.
Activities of our agency also include shipping & logistic support services, procurement, marine spares, shipmanagement, shipbrokering, chartering, and marine surveillance.
GMU specializes in the manning of Dry Cargo, Bulk Carrier, Container, Ro-Ro, Heavy Lift (Ro-Lo), Coaster, AHTS, PSV, Supply, DP-1 / DP-2 vessels.
Mission of the agency is to assist the Maritime and Offshore Companies in their ongoing efforts to minimize costs, increase production and promote trouble free operations.
We have state of the art communication equipment and very well trained staff formerly worked in shipping, forwarding, port stevedoring, and sea transport companies.

Ph/Fax: +380-552-42-02-65; +380-552-42-09-83
Office mob.:: +380-50-396-37-94; +380-67-552-47-70
Apt. 4, 3 Komsomolskaya Str. 73014, Kherson, Ukraine


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