Ukrainian crewing company Wellteam Marine was founded in 2006 by branch from the navigable Russian-Ukrainian Company (1995). The company is fully licensed by Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Ukraine for manning activities. We have an affiliate office Wellteam Marine in Kiev which is arranging agency service for seamen.
The agency specializes in crew for Container Vessels, Bulk Carriers, Reefers, General Cargo , Ro-Ro, Coasters, Supply vessels, AHTS and tug boats, Gas, Chemical, Oil, Product tankers.

Contact Us:
Wellteam Marine Crewing Company

Head office in Kherson:
Of. 422, 37, 21 Yanvarya str.
Kherson 73000,

e-mail: office@wellteam.co.ua
tel.: +38(0552)442423


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