Navis Crew Managment


The successful running of a ship depends on the labor effort, discipline and teamwork of the entire crew, from Master to Apprentice, thus we all look for the perfect Master; the expert, the motivator, the tutor, the one available 48 hours a day, the one with 20 years in rank at the age of 35, the patient one, the flawless one, the sober one and the always “ready when needed one”. It is important for Ship owners to avoid unnecessary operating costs and one of the few variable components is crewing. The countervailing influence is ship efficiency and many companies put extra officers and crew onboard above the minimum required to facilitate onboard maintenance and port operations. Likewise High Synergy arises in course of seafarers’ cooperation with different complementary skills (for example cooperation of people with organizational and technical skills). Hereby well-skilled and properly selected crew makes shipping more efficient.
Crewing and Manning
Navis Crew Management (NCM) assigns well-qualified and certified ratings and officers for all types of vessels within merchant and offshore in compliance with IMO STCW Code 2010, ILO MLC 2006 qualification requirements and according to the standards of ISO9001:2008.
NCM sets up the Quality Management System based on the principle of “Pareto efficiency”.
Adress: ONMA Educational building №3, Didrikhsona str. 13, Odessa, Ukraine, 65029
Phones: +38-048-705-73-73


Master VSL’s type — AHT/AHTS/non DP


VSL’s type — AHT/AHTS/non DP;  Wages –350-400 per day USD; Contract Duration: 3 months on 1 month off; Area of sailing — UAE waters. Comments: The Masters must hold unlimited certificate, should have 2 years experience  in rank on AHTS. Previously ADMA/NPCC/ZADCO approved candidates will be preferable with good offer, Middle-East area experience and 1 year of Anchor Handling experience is obligatory. Filled in Anchor Handling form is required. Should agree for UAE residence visa. Please apply with: 1. Updated CV with details of sea service and candidate’s signature; 2. Previously ADMA/ZADCO/NPCC approval letter copy 3. Anchor handling and towing experience to be briefed as required in attached excel format; 4. COC and Endorsements and all valid STCW training certificates; 5. Passport copy; 6. Seaman book copies of all pages with details of sea service evidence of each vessel as details mentioned on CV; 7. Reference from previous employer; 8. Medical fitness certificate; 9. Salary expectation and availability. Send your CVs to  crew@navis-odessa.com or get hired faster: http://navis-odessa.com/application-form-online/