Founded in 1994 company Seacover is a rich in experience, dynamically developing private ship manning company. A member of international group of crew management partner companies, Seacover provides employment of seafarers of different ranks form the East European recruiting region (EERR) for ship owners/managers’ companies.
SEACOVER builds its relations with the clients and partners basing on the balance of mutual interests. We understand clearly how serious the process of the search for qualified personnel is for the employers, the same as the search for job for the seafarers. Therefore SEACOVER makes every effort to create the most productive cooperation with the minimum spending of your energy and resources. We would like to express our respect and gratefulness to our clients and partners for the given possibility of the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience which furthers our mutual development.

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Ch eng for Fast Crew / Supply Boat at Haifa

Ch eng with English knowledge and experience on Caterpillar main engine for Fast Crew / Supply Boat 2012 y. b. Trading area Haifa, Israil, salary $ 5500, duration of contract 8 weeks (permanent job)

11, spusk Pol’skiy, 7 floor office 14
Marine Business Center 2
Odessa, 65026
Phone: +38 048 705 50 05