TSM (Total Ship Management Experts Co. Ltd.) provides cost effective ship crew management, recruiting, shipbuilding and ship repair solutions to the shipping companies worldwide as well renders wide range of integrated services to seafarers including non-state pension funds & insurance services.

The company supplies marine personnel for all types of vessels, including specialists for Oil and Gas industry.

Our team has wide experience in supplying Ukrainian and Russian marine personnel for different types of vessels including both merchant and offshore fleets: manning of SBL vessels, AHTS/AHT, Tugs, cable layers, ROV support, DSV, pipe laying and offshore construction vessels, FPSOs, general cargo vessels, containers, bulk carriers, Ro-Ro, heavy lifts and tankers (chemical, oil product, crude oil).

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Crew without previous DP experience

TSM (Total Ship Management) entered in long term manning agreement with Tidewater Marine Dubai Division.
The ongoing project involves RIG MOVE & AHT/AHTS experienced deck and engine officers.
All AHTS vessels are new built DP1&DP2 and are on DP contracts in KSA.
Nevertheless candidates without DP Certificates or with DP Basic & Advance Certificates having firm AHT/AHTS experience (min 1 year sea time in rank) and eager to get DP time are welcome.
There are 3 optional schemes of rotation offered:
Rotation: 60×60/ 60×30/ 90×45
Please find below information re day rate policy.

Crew without previous DP experience:
Master – US$ 400 – 500 per day
Chief Officer – US$ 280-350 per day
Second Officer – US$ 150-200 per day
Chief Engineer – US$ 350-400 per day
Second Engineer – US$ 200- 250 per day

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