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  1. Good morning to All. I have a good work experience in offshore industry as a position 2nd Officer on the type of vessels such as: Tug ASD, AHTS VSL and PSV. I’m familiarized with cargo ops, towing & static tow operations (tanker lifting ops). For the moment I’m working on PSV under ESSO and BP management. Also I have DP advance certificate. I’m familiar with Kongsberg K-pos, Navis and Convertaem DP systems. Manual steering on VSLs with ASD system and CPP. I am looking for a stabilized good job with permanent contract in offshore company. mail address : lesk79@mail.ru tel : +380506628217 skype : oleglesk Waiting for answer. Many Thanks. BRGDS Oleg Leskovchenko

  2. Good day,
    Dear Sir / Madam
    I’m available to work as 2nd nautical or safety officer (qualified for both positions) or starting for position as chief mate.
    I have experience in charts, books, publication corrections and digital charts (latest versions ECDIS), Chart Pilot up to 1100 series, Navi- Sailor 4000 ECDIS , Bridge Master, Sperry Marine equipment.
    I have experience with ballast and stability operations, assisting C/O with cargo operations using Macs3.net; Cargo Assistant; Reefer monitoring; Ship repair and deck works; Naval and marine consultancy.
    I am proficient in maintenance of all safety equipment, preparation ships, port documents, correspondence, reports, email etc.
    My previous contracts have mostly been on brand new and modern vessels. I have experience with mixed nationalities since 2002. I have a good standard of English language, non smoker. . I like to start working in the international offshore industry and ready if necessary pass all trainings for receipt the whole of corresponding certificates.
    My previous vessels have included; Container ships, Container-Reefery; S.D.G Bulk carrier; Heavy lift; Multi purpose; Dry cargo; tugs and universal vessels.
    For full information please see attached files.
    Ready from 01.03.2014.
    But if necessary — I can start to my work any time you like.
    Best regards.

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